When Printing the Pictures from your Photo Session

Once you have received your pictures on a copyright release disc you then have the rights to have them printed anywhere you'd like though I recommend using Pro Digital Photos (www.prodigitalphotos.com). You now have the option to order your pictures through them right from my blog. They are (in my opinion) the best photo printing service around. So after having your portraits done, be sure to have them printed at a professional lab to ensure the best quality prints possible. When you visit pro digital photos, be sure to let them know that I sent you!

Photo Suggestions:

Babies - the best times to get portraits of your baby is when they are two weeks or younger and between 6-8 months

Newborns - look best when little or no clothing is worn. Beanies, headbands, & bracelets add a nice touch. If you want some "baby in the hands" pictures, please wear/bring black long sleeved tops (& an extra in case you get peed on) & do a little manicure as your hands will be photographed. Also be sure to bring lots of diapers, wipes, binkies, blankets, formula, etc.

Sitting Babies - the best age to photograph babies is when they can sit on their own but can not yet escape. Babies at this age love to be undressed, and look great in their diaper & bare tummy. Hats, beanies, headbands look great at this age as well

One Year Olds - this can be a difficult age to photograph as they are usually short tempered, unbribeable & have little or no attention span. It's also a milestone age & it's important to capture as it's the beginning of when they change from babies to little boys & girls. At this age they usually won't wear hats - but we can certainly try if you'd like. It's also best to photograph the child in just one outfit, but that depends on your child. Most one year olds get grumpier with each outfit change. If you'd like, bring a little birthday cake and I'll capture them going at it - the messier the better (this would be done at the end of the session)!

Older Children - Have your child wear something that expresses their style and personality. It looks good to layer simple clothes. Try to stay away from busy patterns, logos & bulky clothing. Bare feet & jeans look great for both boys & girls. Please try to avoid bright white or black shirts as they tend to look washed out or wash your child out.

Clothing Suggestions

Please use this as a flexible guide. While these are traditionally known to photograph well, it's always more important that everyone is comfortable, relaxed & having fun!

Color & Texture - solid colors work well in almost all situations. Bright, bold colors looks great when paired with denim or khaki. It's an old fashioned rule to stay away from patterns, but colorful stipes give a fresh modern look. Logos & words almost always detract from the face, so try to stay away from wearing them. Different textures (denim & knits) are great as they bring more depth in black & white portraits.

Sleeves & Pant Length -
For Adults -
Elbow length or long sleeves look better than short sleeves, and pants look better than shorts. When bare arms & legs are exposed to the camera, the added skin tones take the attention away from the face.
For Children, Toddlers, & Babies - these issues are less of a distraction & sleeve and pant length don't apply as much.

Shoes & Accessories -
Shoes - Since feet will probably make an apperance in your pictures, please coordinate your clothing from head to toe. Select appropriate shoes incase they get in the shots. Bare feet are a great way to add a fun look to your pictures. Kids love it & they look adorable when photographed in their bare feet. If you choose to wear shoes, please be sure your socks also coordinate.
Hats & Other Accessories - can look great, as well as scarves & other fun accessories. If you would like some shots done in a hat, please don't put it on at the beginning of the session. We will want to get some shots without the hat before it messes up darling hair styles & leaves marks on your child's skin.

Infants & Toddlers - you are welcome to have clothing changes ready but please keep in mind that your child will probably get more grumpy with each clothing change.
For Infants - a diaper & bare belly looks best (when the session is indoors). It looks adorable to add fun accessories like a hat, bracelets, headband, baby legs, etc. Though not a necessity it's nice to have your child in a white diaper (pampers swaddlers) or a diaper cover to avoid brightly colored caricatures that are often pictured on diapers.

The clothing you select for your child should not be stiff, bulky, too big or complicated. You want everyone to be comfortable & you want your child to be the focus of the pictures, not their clothes. Jeans, overalls, sun/slip dresses & khaki's are classic choices & photograph well.

Family & Groups - I suggest that clothing for each family member have the same tone (not necessarily the same color) or follow a color scheme. Bare feet also look great for family sessions. Some ideas include
- have all females in the group wear one color while the males wear another color, and children in another color
- have each member wear a different solid color top & denim bottoms
- For multiple family pictures, have each family wear a different color

If your session is outdoors, please be sure that everyone is dressed appropriatly for the weather. It can make for a miserable session if you're dressed in short sleeved shirts when it's snowing, or sweaters when it's hot.

Where To Find Cute Hats, Clothing & Accessories Locally

Here are a few of my favorite places locally to find cute clothing & accessories for babies, toddlers & kids

- Trendy Tots (Riverwoods in Provo)
- Sassy Babies (2 locations - Bountiful & Gardner Village)
- Gymboree
- Baby Gap
- Naartjie
- The Childrens Hour (Sugarhouse)
- Four and Twenty Sailors (East Sugarhouse)
- Little Things Mean Alot (American Fork)
- Babinski's (Foothill)

A Few Things to Keep In Mind

-I'll book sessions anywhere from the day before to 3 months in advance.

- I'm currently ofering family, children, newborn/baby, extended family/group, individuals, seniors, couple/engagement, bridal sessions & NOW OFFERING WEDDINGS!!

- Please schedule your session around naps, feedings, and preferably during your child's happiest time of the day.

- Be sure everyone being photographed (including adults & older children) is fed prior to the session & you may want to bring a few drinks/snacks/treats in case someone gets thirsty or hungry while we're shooting or needs a little bribing for a smile.

- Outdoor sessions will usually be scheduled for mid-morning or early evening.

- If you have an outdoor session please be dressed appropriatly for the weather. Please don't plan to wear summery clothes when it's snowing, or sweaters when it's hot. Dressing too hot or too cold can make for a miserable session.

- During the winter months I will continue to shoot outdoors, at an indoor location if you'd prefer. If you'd like, I can come to your home, you can come to the small studio in my house, or another indoor location.

- No Sick Children - it's just not fair to a sick child to expect them to smile & have a fun, successful session. If your child gets sick right before their session, no worries, we can reschedule.

- If your child is in a grumpy mood & just not cooperating for the session, you can reschedule at no extra charge for a time within the next week. We all have bad days & kids are no exception - if that's the case, we'll just try again another day.

- Please try to not bring siblings that are not being photographed to the session - they can be a huge distraction to the baby/child being photographed.

- I (Vivien Van Leeuwen) have the right to use any image that I create for displays, brochures, websites, & other advertising purposes. If you do not want your child's/family's pictures used, please let me know & I will respect your wishes.

- Your pictures will typically be completed within 2-3 weeks of when you get back with me on your selections (though during busy months - Aug-Dec - it could be a bit longer). When your pictures are done, you will receive an e-mail or phone call. If you would like your pictures done sooner for any reason there is a $15 rush fee. You can then have your pictures mailed ($5 mailing fee) or we can make arrangements for you to pick them up.

- Please make copies of your disc - these are your negatives & I only keep negatives on hand for 3 months. If in that time you need a replacement disc there will be a $15 charge. After that there is no way to replace your disc if it gets scratched or lost.

- Session Fees are due at the time of the session.

- If you need to cancel your session for any reason please give as much notice as possible.

- When scheduling your session please take a look through the previous sessions posted on my blog and make sure that my style fits what you are looking for in your photographs.

- I'm always open to any location at which you'd like to do your session. If it is an unfavorable location I will suggest a few others. If there are any specific poses that you'd like done during your session, please let me know as I will make it a priority during or time together to capture those shots that you want.

- I love to work with props (hats, stools, baskets, chairs, trunks, etc). If you would like to bring any of these to the session, please let me know so I can plan for them.
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